Enjoying Your Salmon

Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy

There are so many ways to enjoy your fresh, healthy, wild caught Alaskan salmon. Below are a four of our favorites. Enjoy!

1. Sushi

Our salmon is sashimi grade, this is Copper River king. Eat it straight up or make a tasty roll with other ingredients like cucumbers, cream cheese, and green onions!

2. Smoked Salmon

Making smoked salmon is a bit time consuming but well worth the effort. It is a DELICIOUS way to eat salmon.

4. Salmon Dip

Throw salmon into a blender with some sour-cream, cream cheese, dill, lemon juice, mayo, garlic, and a dash of salt and pepper for an addictive end result.

3. Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel

Salmon and cream cheese are best buddies. Eat it as is, or throw on some capers, tomato and red onion for some extra flavor and texture.

SALMON RECIPES! Partnered with Alaska Seafood (ASMI).

Tips on How To Prepare Your Salmon

Perfect or learn different methods to preparing your salmon!