Purchase Alaska Wild Salmon Wholesale

Need fresh salmon for your special event or maybe to serve to your clients? This option is perfect for you. Purchase your sockeye salmon directly from the source and save money!

Fish are sold WHOLE at a flat rate of $TBA a fish. Each fish will typically weigh between 6-7 pounds.

WHOLESALE is available only in Alaska; Girdwood and Anchorage area pick up and deliveries. Whole fish market price TBA.

How it Works

1. Contact Us

You place an order with us at least 48 hours before you need your fish. You can check what's fresh and available by calling Emma 907-748-0741 or checking our Facebook page.

2. Receive Your Salmon

We deliver you fresh & NEVER frozen restaurant & cater ready whole Alaskan wild salmon directly from the source.

3. Save Money

You get to save money and feel good about knowing exactly where your fish came from. Large orders are eligible for an additional discount.

Wholesale Salmon Request

Submit the form and we’ll get right back to you.
$40 Flat rate per whole salmon
Please give us at least 48 hours notice.
Free delivery is available for Girdwood & Anchorage Orders. Pick up options available also.